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Individual Coaching

Coaching is available for clients who are seeking support to achieve a specific wellness goal. Your wellness goal could be personal, professional, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc. During our time in working together, you will choose an area of focus, specify your goal in that area, and then together we will create the plan that you need to achieve that particular goal. Coaching plans are individualized and adjustable as necessary. For more information on coaching plans and scheduling a session, click here. 

RS Women Enrichment Community

The RS Women Enrichment Community is an online, practical wellness advice source for today's woman of color. The community is a declaration of independence, self-Improvement and self-Love for Black & Brown women! I, along with the other coaches in the community, hold a deep respect for emotional, spiritual, physical, social and intellectual wellness and are committed to providing services that embrace interdependence. We believe in the power of the individual to learn, teach, inspire, and heal while accessing unique services that have been proven to benefit a person’s wellness and resiliency. 

Once you join the community, you will have access to:

  • 100+ transformational resources & blogs 

  • Hours of audio and training videos and recordings on women wellness

  • Women wellness webinars based on the RS Wellness Wheel 

  • One-time only 50 min individual coaching session with a RSCWC coach

  • Monthly Group Coaching with Sharea Farmer, LCSW for a Year!

  • Weekly Community Groups with interactive worksheets and activities 

  • A free copy of at least 3 RSCWC's previous personal development course

  • 10% Discount off RSCWC Individual coaching sessions

  • 25% Discount off of RSCWC Women Retreats and Conferences 

  • Over $2000 of Bonuses and we will be adding more content and bonuses all the time!