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Wherry Consultations will eradicate the impact of societal inequities by equipping organizations and ministries to provide services through the lens of equity and advocacy, and equipping individuals to live empowered lives.


We empower businesses, faith-based organizations, ministries, and individuals to leverage their greatest assets. We accomplish this through consulting, professional development, and individual coaching.

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About Sherry C. Wherry, MSW

I am the CEO/Founder, and Empowerment Strategist of Wherry Consultations, LLC. I am passionate about empowering individuals to be their best selves. I earned my Master of Social Work from Temple University, and I have completed a certificate of training in Professional Development Coaching from the RS Counseling & Wellness Center (RSCWC). I have extensive experience in Social Services and empowering individuals to accomplish their educational, professional, personal, and spiritual goals. I also serve as a licensed Minister in my local church. My ultimate purpose undergirds everything that I do which is to reflect the love of God by loving the abandoned; paving a path to restoration for those who have failed and have been rejected; and being a source of emotional, and spiritual healing for those who need it most.

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