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From books to online courses and more, we offer products to empower you to achieve your personal and professional goals. 

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Walking Through the Pain

Walking Through the Pain is an inspirational novel about Olivia Jones. At 15 years old, Olivia’s life takes a devastating turn, destroying her faith in God. She feels that she is God’s victim, and that she has been deceived by His love. Plagued with the pain of her past, and bound by the brokenness of those closest to her, Olivia finds herself in an unending cycle of crisis that shatters her already feeble world. Out of desperation, Olivia makes a decision that changes the rest of her life - she decides to walk through her pain.


Overcome Pain in 21 Days

Overcome Pain in 21 Days is 21-day devotional that is designed to give you practical steps to achieve spiritual and emotional wellness as you address the pain in your life. Based upon biblical principles, and inspired by my novel, "Walking Through the Pain", this devotional will provide you with the tools that you need to not only deal with your pain, but to overcome it!

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ACE Speaker Masterclass

The ACE Speaker Masterclass: Harnessing the Power of Your Voice, provides you the strategies you need to speak with confidence, boldness and power.  Whether you desire to speak with clarity and impact at work, desire to become a paid speaker, or even start a podcast, this class is for you! 


Online Courses

Are you looking to upgrade your personal life? Are you considering sharing your story for the first time? Are you thinking about starting a business, but are not sure where to start? Check out our online training courses by clicking here.



Electronic Devices

Free Download

The Digging for Diamonds emotional wellness audio training gives you the strategies you need to regain your confidence, overcome the emotional baggage that has been holding you back, and will inspire you to dream again! Subscribe to my email list today and you'll receive immediate access to the training. Are you ready to dig for diamonds? If so, click here!

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