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The Basics of Self-Publishing

Course Description


This free course provides you with information you need to turn your idea into an actual book. You will learn what you need to have in place before you start writing, how to draft our manuscript, the process of self-publishing, and so much more!

For a limited time, all course registrants will have access to the "25 for 25" offer. For $25, you can schedule an individual phone consultation with Sherry to discuss any questions you have after taking the course. You will also learn how you can use your book to create additional business products and services.

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Walking Through the Pain: Practical Steps to Emotional Wellness

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This workshop series is designed to give you twently-one (21) practical steps to achieve emotional wellness as you address the pain in your life. Course registration includes seven (7) weekly online trainings, and PDF's of the material that is covered. Based upon my inspirational novel, "Walking Through the Pain", this series will provide you with the tools that you need to not only survive your pain, but to walk though it!

Now through December 1st, receive 50% off of registration. with code giveme50. Click here to register for the course. Also, 50% of all profits will go towards the Counting Your Flowers Scholarship Fund. Click here for more info about the scholarship. 


Overcome Pain in 21 Days:

A Daily Devotional of Biblical Principles to Heal, Live, and Prosper

Book Description

Overcome Pain in 21 Days is 21-day devotional that is designed to give you practical steps to achieve spiritual and emotional wellness as you address the pain in your life. Based upon biblical principles, and inspired by my novel, "Walking Through the Pain", this devotional will provide you with the tools that you need to not only deal with your pain, but to overcome it!

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Click here to purchase Walking Through the Pain and Overcome Pain in 21 Days for $20, through 12/1/19. Free shipping included.

Walking Through the Pain

Book Description

Walking Through the Pain is an inspirational novel about Olivia Jones. At 15 years old, Olivia’s life takes a devastating turn, destroying her faith in God. She feels that she is God’s victim, and that she has been deceived by His love. Plagued with the pain of her past, and bound by the brokenness of those closest to her, Olivia finds herself in an unending cycle of crisis that shatters her already feeble world. Out of desperation, Olivia makes a decision that changes the rest of her life - she decides to walk through her pain.

5 Steps to Mastering Your Mistakes For the Professional

Guide Description

Mistakes will occur as your climb the corporate ladder, but you can always recover. Learn how by downloading my free guide, "5 Steps to Mastering Your Mistakes For the Professional."